Friday, July 1, 2022

Enabling or Disabling All Plugin Steps In Dataverse

The Cause

Recently a bug (working by design?) with the PowerPlatform.BuildTools version 0.0.81 caused all my plugin steps to become disabled.  After looking at the Azure DevOps Pipeline output I found this lovely difference between versions .77 and .81:


Import-Solution:, HoldingSolution: True, OverwriteUnmanagedCustomizations: True, PublishWorkflows: True, SkipProductUpdateDependencies: False, AsyncOperation: True, MaxAsyncWaitTime: 01:00:00, ConvertToManaged: False, full path: D:\a\1\a\


Calling pac cli inputs: solution import --path D:\\a\\1\\a\\ --async true --import-as-holding true --force-overwrite true --publish-changes true --skip-dependency-check false --convert-to-managed false --max-async-wait-time 60 --activate-plugins false' ]

When this solution imported, it deactivated all of my plugin steps in my solution (which had over 100). Manually updating it would have been ugly.  Luckily there is a work around…

The Fix

  1. If you haven’t already, install the XrmToolBox, and set it up to connect to your environment.
  2. Install Sql4Cds
    1. Click Tool Library:
    2. image
    3. Make sure your display tools check boxes have “Not installed” checked and install the tool:
    4. image
    5. Open the Sql 4 CDS tool, connecting to your environment.
    6. Execute the following statement to find the Id of the plugin assembly that you want to enable all plugin steps for:
      1. SELECT pluginassemblyid, name FROM pluginassembly ORDER BY name
    7. image
    8. Find and copy the plugin assembly id you want to enable (I’ve left the values needed to disable plugins but commented out, in case that is required in the future as well dear reader), and paste into the following query:
      UPDATE sdkmessageprocessingstep
      SET statecode = 0, statuscode = 1  -- Enable
      -- SET statecode = 1, statuscode = 2 -- Disable
      WHERE sdkmessageprocessingstepid in (     SELECT sdkmessageprocessingstepid     FROM sdkmessageprocessingstep     WHERE plugintypeid IN (         SELECT plugintypeid         FROM plugintype         WHERE pluginassemblyid = '95858c14-e3c9-4ef9-b0ef-0a2c255ea6df'     )     AND statecode = 1
    10. Execute the query, get a coffee/tea and let it update all of your steps for you!

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