Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to Add a Spacer to a CRM Business Process Flow

The CRM form designer has a Spacer feature, that allows for having blank spaces where normally fields are required.  This feature is sorely missing in CRM Business Process Flows, but the good the news is that you can implement your own space with no coding required!  Just to be clear about what I’m talking about, here is a picture, showing how the Sub-Total should be over the Tax Amount and Total Amount:
This requires two simple steps:
  1. Add a field to the BPF where the space is desired, that doesn’t and exist in the BPF and will never need to be displayed anywhere on the form,  I’ll use “Created By (Delegate)” in this example, but you could always create your own:
  2. Create a business rule that always hides the field:

Now, when the form loads, the Business Rule will hide the field, allowing it to serve as a spacer:

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